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Dear readers of important information:

Before we show you the strategies in the positive world for all citizens:  What does NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL POLICY have in common with the AVIATION?


In aviation, the planes are built and flown by professionals. The passengers feel largely safe. Crashes are an exception! Among other things, the platform  summarizes information about the past plane crashes. According to them, at least 101 airlines in their history have never suffered a crash with fatal consequences. Such as lines like easyJet, Ryanair or Virgin Atlantic.

A similar result is given when taking a look at the data of the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center JACDEC. Therefore, flying is relatively safe despite the complexity and dangers of it.

Why this success? In aviation, the professionals, the "best in the area" are chosen! Of course, they are constantly challenged by citizen about their security needs. Because who wants to "crash" and book an airline with which crashes happened? Politics follow by constant reviews of the engineering and aeronautical achievements of official channels - at least this is handled correctly by them, usually.

In national and international politics, however, the "political dominions" - including our democracies - are still being built and controlled by absolute lay people despite the warnings of an Aristotle 2300 years ago.

Hardly anyone in politics is a professional, neither the creator of these "faulty systems" nor their "operators". Please read in Wikipedia what your politicians have learned. Do you see a specialist? And as far as the study of political science is concerned, its ridiculousness will be discussed hereafter.

Now, because of these highly dangerous lay people in politics, today nearly eight billion people are living in a very intoxicating world, which could be extremely magnificent having experts at the top. After a millennium of millions of wars and economic wars, we are even living in an "incipient, global hell" – and if we are not careful now, hell will really come!

Already living in the world's climate change, in the "flood of utterly unnecessary goods and information of an overwhelming capitalism that drives people crazy, living in a 'poison kitchen of hundreds of thousands of pollutants,' including radioactivity, surrounded by many other dangers”. Not to mention the 1 billion refugees currently, then the ever poorer and sicker people in the crowded hospitals, because most doctors only want to make money from diseases.

Due to the considerable birth surpluses in the poor countries, people will soon step on each other's feet, because in the next 300 years, humanity could grow to 100 billion people - unless profound corrections finally occur! The "multiply-you claim" is a most fatal, crashing all systems by boundlessness.


With unprofessional politics, the achievable, positive world never comes!

Unfortunately! To date, there is hardly a politician from our political-scientific perspective - no matter in which country - who has obtained a professional education for politics. Politicians such as Ludwig Erhard, Helmut Schmidt, the Kennedy’s, Charles de Gaulle and a few more were the "few semi-professionals". They have been exceptionally well trained as exceptions even in politics. On the other hand, one should not test citizen in terms of being in a position to find very good politicians "on the market" today. Because the core problem that comes along: the politicians and citizen, say voters, do not notice the fatal "system crash in the world" yet, they do not want to notice it! It is supposed to make lives better!

The "today's, the modern, simple and hectic man", is overloaded with "gigantic small stuff and gigantic short sight", not infrequently extremely selfish, materialistic, particularly boastful, say presumptuous and in myopia almost surrendering - and without any moral courage. Such a person sets the tone today.

He still allows the uneducated politician to come up. He fights the educated. But that is very, very surprising, considering that even a Hitler has demonstrated that it will be fatal if the laity are at work in politics!

Painters, officers, landowners, today physicians, physicists, teachers or even completely unskilled, gossips, detail obsessed, the overview-lossy, complacent, running in plenary halls, cashing royalty. Voracious: where does it lead?



And it has to be changed fundamentally! But:

One of our members, a political scientist - we will listen to him right away - has been investing millions and millions of dollars since 1974 in implementing very large, political solutions and rejected billions in bribes to prevent solutions. However, citizen have not invested a single penny in enforcing their life-saving solutions! The citizen is the real problem: today he is stingy and antisocial in political matters!


As an anticipation of the underlying political competence, which you will learn about when pressing the button "About us".

Please have a look at: :

Our member – who is anything but a layman - went through the levels of political decision-making and citizenship. He was together with some of the great and many little ones in the world. He met presidents and presidential advisors and scoured citizen and the world like no one else did. He understands the world far better than many other people. He now especially points out:

THE POLITICAL WORLD is the MOST COMPACT CONTROL SECTOR in the world. No discipline is as complex as politics!




THE TODAY'S WORLD is clearly facing a GREAT DOWNFALL - but at the same time and just before a GREAT RISE! It depends on CITIZEN, in which direction the world is moving!

FORGET THE IDEA THAT THE CURRENT PERSONS, for example, the INTERNATIONAL SHOPS, such as the Wall Street and lobbies, are the lodges! CITIZEN are the main culprits because they already fight the REAL ELITES in families, at work, in golf clubs and taverns - as you'll see in a moment!


Hereafter, you will learn one of the most important information of our globe.

But before, realize that since a long time the world's population is duped or misled behind the backs of billions of people in national and international politics. Listen to what JF Kennedy said in 1961. You will then understand quickly what we are facing, why, at least until November 2017, the true findings of the murder investigation are kept secret: Kennedy was not murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, but by those who were clearly disinterested in the positive development of the planet. That is why the world has not developed very positively, especially since 1963. Therefore, especially from the beginning of III. Millennium, we have a lot of problems on earth. Now see: JF Kennedy's secret

It was one of our members, J.B Koeppl - who is speaking hereafter – having been with the mother of the two murdered Kennedy, John and Robert, in Palm Beach Island in 1979. He has previously had contact with several members of the Senator Schweiker Committee (US Congress) and close contacts with Ted Kennedy and Carter staff member Steve Larrabee. This can be read about at  J.B. Koeppl knows well who are the true murderers since 1979. Here is his Youtube appearance from 2005:


JB Koeppl, Ph.D. in Political Science, PhD funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Bonn from 1975 to 1978, blocked a re-election of a US President and German Chancellor with other forces through his worldwide publications:

The key to a successful, long-term life for all citizens is to bring the skilled people into politics, with a great deal of courage. There is no key more important than this, named by Aristotle 2,300 years ago! To achieve this, we need the best schools, the schools for the corresponding politicians and also the schools for smarter voters. Finally integrated into these, are the schools for parents to educate smarter offspring.

But these three schools obviously do not exist on earth today!

My self-imposed task was to have developed exactly these 3 schools, so called later universities, from their highly complex and globally unique contents. It costed me an unusually high expenditure of time and money in the last two decades.

At first, I wanted to build with my members a political party in Europe that would have put the current parties in the shade. And to film a politico-psychologically meaningful novel, which since 1983 describes the world of today in advance. See also footnote *.

But your task - dear citizens - should now be to mobilize the millions for the Internet operation of these schools without delay, in order to train as many citizens at the same time - via webinars - to be fit for the demands of the new Millennium. Internet has its own special advantage. The modern economy has been training for a long time in web seminars, these "webinars". At the same time, you can simultaneously train tens of thousands of human beings and test them for their political knowledge and thus demonstrate who are the political impostors who constantly assert: "I have a lot of knowledge in politics, I know everything!"

Above all, please visit my website The ANP. ACADEMY FOR NEW POLITICAL LEADERSHIP, which offers thousands of test questions to politicians and their constituents.

Furthermore, I know of another handicap: Many potentially qualified people today do not want to go into politics because politicians are completely mocked in the "social media". The citizens must therefore learn through our schools to protect the capable politicians from unqualified attacks. The citizens need the good, qualified politicians for a qualified life!

Professional politics would never have triggered two world wars and brought a third one into the preparatory phases. Professional politics would never have destroyed the global climate, which will cause us considerable problems in the future. Professional politics would never have allowed today's international terrorism. The right politics would have powerfully stopped the abyss of hatred against people, religions and religious groups and avoided the gigantic refugee and asylum wars. For the right policy would have raised the poorest countries of the world almost to the level of wealthy states - and also largely stopped the Bush and Obama wars. The professional policy would never have destroyed the cultural differences over the completely crazy, even icy globalization.

A fearsome world of unity is indeed spreading today. It makes the once culturally rich and colorful iridescent planet a monotonous planet. It is not worthwhile traveling anymore. The historic city centers of the world have by now been "crushed" by the ugly unit buildings of cold, uninspired architecture.

By the way: The professional policy would never have allowed the farmers to poison the lands, and help our doctors still to gain money on these diseases!



because citizen still do not want the able politicians, because the above schools are missing, because today's schools, especially the universities almost constantly operate away from the big life!

People think that our universities still show a very high level of politics. But that's not the case at all: university studies, especially "political science" such as taught at Harvard or at the Ecole National Administration ENA - which I experienced - are completely unfit for gaining positive policies.

At the universities one learns up to now only politics, which causes the large destructions. Note: Hardly a professor of any university warns of the amateur politicians. Yes, in the past 100 years, universities have not even warned humanity of the great and greatest wars of humanity with appropriate vigor. It is unbelievable that German workers did it: they threatened with the general strike before World War I.

Today the professors and their students keep their mouths shut; and especially about the most central question, to what extent our democracies make organizational and personal serious mistakes.

And hardly any citizen therefore knows, for example, according to which, above all correct criteria one selects the politicians. On the contrary: many citizens are also cheeky, if you ask them to that effect.

That's why I say:

Up to now, citizens are looking for their candidates for the parliaments, hence the later ministers and prime ministers, the chancellors and presidents themselves after very strange, even perverted and ridiculous characteristics: casually said after their "bigmouth", empty rhetoric, vociferous, boastful, provocative appearance in host and assembly halls and television appearances, pompous appearance and proud breast in obvious cerebellum.

The actual elections of the citizens thus begin well before the congressional and federal elections, for example in the golf club, in the church associations, in taverns, on the streets, in the families. Noticeable that most of the citizens follow them until today in a super perversion, who make no great demands on them, promise a lot, maybe even look sympathetic, show the unimportant sex appeal and the even less important "charisma".


So far, we lack the most important schools in the world!

There are laugh schools and millions more schools, such as surf schools and computer schools. But none for the most crucial areas. That's why our politicians are also allowed to be doctors, teachers, theologians, actors, physicists or even nothing in a highly ridiculous way.
Below,  please read a small story of how foolish many citizen behave today. Meanwhile we have tens of thousands of such crazy letters:

In March 2015, a cheeky, overburdened employee named Birgit Ber… working at a Munich-West hotel... wrote to one of our senior policy experts, even though she knew his position in politics that she "desperately wishes, that he would finally pursues a more meaningful activity! " The policy expert sent this abstruse letter laughing at his political readership, saying that one should "forgive the crazy person and forget her”. But another policy expert replied: " It's not that simple! The woman is far from being an exception! In Germany, millions are around us who think the same way. But how would one react if, for example, in a school-house filled with children, when a fire breaks out, the gapers would say to the fire chief that at last he should pursue a much more sensible activity?"


Citizen are the main culprit for what happens on earth! They are responsible, among others, for what the media write. They are responsible for the politicians, the scientists, the universities!
Therefore, please consider: Support quickly the perhaps BIGGEST PROJECT of the world for your own benefit. Please contact the undersigned at .

And please read this website and then go on to the much more important website  ...



* The project BEST-GOVERNMENT.ORG includes a national and political education (ANP), an education for the children and adolescents and, among other things, the filming of two novels ANTARIS and AY.