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A great life for all citizens in our countries would have been there for a long time, if only the majority of the citizens would have followed the suggestions of the political scientist who spoke here  ! But most citizens are doing what they want right now. There are no rational reasons for long-term success in politics. Reason is and is increasingly subordinated to instincts.

The scientists here have invested millions   in enforcing political solutions and even turned down billions in bribes to prevent these solutions. Citizens have never invested a penny in enforcing these solutions! [Nbsp] See   and     http: // www / about-us.

Therefore, the option is considered lost in a far better world - as long as those drives are in power as they are today. The proletarian, the simple man, selfish, has the say today with the most disastrous consequences for the future!





Dear Friends:

We have described many of the problems that are now a global burden on life, provable in books before. Here write the certainly best policy experts in the world...


At the beginning of the third millennium, we are facing the greatest opportunity in a fantastic time, but also before the greatest possible destruction.

This very important political appearance "BEST-GOVERNMENT.ORG" is aimed at those people who want to have a very deep and true insight into today's epoch and the great solutions and bring with it high character and a great deal of intelligence.

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Time is changing rapidly. And that's clear in the direction of hyper crise. A crisis that can only be triggered by outspoken folly and unethicalness in society and its representatives.

The following is probably the largest project in the world. In any case, we do not know an organisation that presents even an almost equal project...

You will now see the most central information of the time! Let us step into the depths of political complexity. Identify the very big causes and solutions that are important for your own life as well. See also the website

It is about correct national and international policy.

But what is correct? And when is the policy correct?


Correct policy:

Let us imagine what the correct policy would never have done in the last 100 years:

The policy would never have allowed international terrorism to be even approached, and has already fought it against the spiritual roots at the very beginning: It is clear that hatred for and religious practice is one of the root of evil. In addition, there have been circles for decades that want to achieve the basis for global control of citizens through international terrorism, which they promote. Something we also warn in our books since 1983.

Politics would never have defaced life to the extent that it was disfigured in the last 100 years. Two world wars have demolished life in many countries of the earth. At the end of the Second World War, the nuclear age was forcibly ushered in with millions of deaths and injuries. The concrete and abstract consequences are still evident for many centuries. Today, the "World War of cynical refugee flows" dominates us: These are the "streams" that have not yet come to an end, but are still going to develop properly if we do not have the completely wrong refugee policy and completely uneducated politicians to be stopped: The right policy would never have triggered the gigantic refugee and asylum wars of the now. It would have raised the poor States and inhabitants of the world to the level of today's wealthy states and left them peacefully in their homelands.

The right policy would never have destroyed the cultural differences in favor of a completely crazy, ice-cold globalization, as has been happening for decades. A terrifying unified world is spreading. It makes the formerly so culture-rich and colourful planet even more monotonous. It's not worth traveling in 20 years. The beautiful, historical city cores have long been "squashed" by the ugliest units of a modern but equally cold architecture. On the streets, already in the smallest villages lawn masses of vehicles around, these steered by fairly uncontrolled drivers, all of which are in the Phantom after race: "It only goes by speed and always up"!

Almost every citizen is in a hurry today. The right policy now would have significantly curtailed this epochal madness or the insane pace of our time, it would have significantly reduced the personal and collective pressure of performance. It would have made it clear to people that human-social contact is far more important than the unfortunate accumulation of material goods by frenzy.

But today, even under 100,000 people, you hardly see any social, horizontal contact with level anymore. Almost all citizens are controlled as "vertically", depending on the immature politicians and their lobbies. Then depending on the media that only seem to show citizen friendly. "Horizontal communication with wit, philosophy and qualitative policy consideration" has become rare. Life is thus enormously controllable, unproductive, boring and, despite its material abundance, an imposition. The baiting replaces draught, greed the meaning of life, the speed even the uplifting instinct. And so the modern man pants himself in bed or - sleeps dead tired there.

The right policy would have been – if we look high above our heads – never destroyed the world climate: that today no one is safe from the most terrifying natural catastrophes, that each, even the short trip in the Sommer or Winter, has already become a personal and not only collective fiasco for himself and his family, this is certainly a novelty in human history. The world goes into the epoch of fear, lacking capable minds in politics.

The right policy is a wise, professional, far-looking policy. It is controlled as well as modern aviation is controlled: the best of the society, and in the back, are as smart and socially empowered as the "passengers". Politics means the best management of small and large communities and requires the highest degree of professionalism. Politics must not be controlled by laymen and by the hour with the most devastating consequences. Politics is not for-(Martin Schulz), physicist (Angela Merkel), teacher (Sigmar Gabriel), geologist (Theresa May), etc..


So if you want to get to know the incorrect policy, you only need to read the newspapers of today. As a result, we do not need to demonstrate this policy here!


Why is the correct policy never automatically implemented? Why does it have to be pushed with enormous energy?

I: The right way is always very, very uncomfortable at first! The correct or correct policy requires a maximum of overcoming and ability, it requires a lot of intelligence and courage or civil courage.

II: The wrong way is at first very easy to tread. You don't need intelligence and courage. You only need enough stamina and a brilliant mouth, enormous characterless and the will to the gleaming deception of masses.


And that is also clear:

The politicians around the globe, to this day - which is arguably the greatest stupidity on earth -cannot refer to good political schools, over which one is trained halfway and professionally for the very difficult, state-bearing, correct ways. Despite the warnings of Aristotle and Plato, our politicians have been mostly laymen for millennia. Even today's university studies, the "political science" of renowned universities such as Harvard, Boston, Ecole National Administration Ena, Strasbourg is completely unfit for the correct politics. At the universities, until today, one learns only politics, which eventually triggers the great wars. In addition, politicians can exchange their very complex jobs within a few days thanks to the failure of the universities and thus "play" the Minister of the Environment or the Minister of Defence after the foreign Minister job.

The voters of our politicians are equally untrained, specifically to identify or track down the best for politics! This is what the tests of me and my fellow-members have shown to millions of citizens over the last 40 years: by the hour our "citizens" are looking for the candidates for the parliaments, i.e. the later ministers and prime Ministers, the chancellors and presidents after highly Strange, even perverse and highly ridiculous features: for example, after "Big Mouth", empty rhetoric, loud, high-Show-offs, tapping slogans appearance in the host and meeting rooms and on television appearances. It is chosen by the Citizens for sex appeal and meaningless charisma, head and body size, good sounding names, especially igniting, empty promises.

The fact that the schools are missing, to allow parents to educate children properly, that really makes the nonsense on Earth complete!



So today the most important schools in the world are missing!

 Humanity is thus in a "latent to open top crisis" that can still become a formidable one. Because if there are very good schools everywhere today, music schools, cooking schools, Sex schools and even laughing schools, but not for the most crucial areas, if politicians can be doctors, teachers, theologians, actors, physicists or even nothing, and yet continue to play the presidents, chancellors, defense ministers, economics ministers, science ministers, even UN assembly presidents - What are the voters? To the highest degree foolish, the "purest shield citizen", the "Modern Simpletons"?

If we do not ask voters the most obvious of all questions, what our candidates have done for the municipal council, city Council, „Landtag“, „Bundestag“ for the benefit of society, where they have shown, for example, courage and proper foresight: can this Society still be smart and really have a great future?

In the following excerpts, the foolishness of many citizens today: among millions of citizens from Germany, to date, only one hundred have realised that, with these uneducated politicians, one cannot achieve a positive future, that one must cooperate In the professionalisation of politics.


An example of what is happening in the German-speaking countries today:

In March 2015, a very cheeky and foolish employee of a hotel from Munich-west (named Birgit Bernasc...) wrote to a policy expert, although she had long known his position that she was "very wishing that one like him finally had a more meaningful activity! " He sent this abstruse letter laughing at a political readership, who then said that he had to "forgive this person and simply pass them over". He replied, "It is not that simple! She is by no means an exception! And: How would one react if, in the event of a fire at a school house occupied with your children, one would say to the firefighters that they would like to do more to a far more meaningful activity? "

Every society has those politicians who deserve it.

The citizen is clearly the main culprit for the quality in politics!

The citizen is the cause of what is happening on earth!

The citizen is the real mighty and the culprit-even if he feels fainting!

To the Key-Step in the future, the EDUCATION OF POLITICIANS AND VOTERS: see